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Noon News: HTC Ville, Galaxy Nexus Volume Bug Fix, Nintendo 3DS Regains Traction, Another iPhone on Fire

The photos of one of HTC's upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich devices have been leaked on the web. According to PocketNow, the HTC Ville is the Taiwanese smartphone maker's slimmest smartphone till date, measuring at just 8mm in thickness.

Samsung is in the middle of rolling out a fix for the volume bug that has plagued its Ice Cream Sandwich powered Galaxy Nexus. The company announced that it was rolling out the update, which would reach users within the week, on its official Facebook page.

At last the handheld Nintendo 3DS has started generating some market buzz as well as revenue for its parent company. In the last eight months Nintendo 3DS sold more units as compared to DS. In an interview with Time magazine, Reggie Fils-Aime, Nintendo of America president confirmed that, "In sales through this past 8 months it has outsold the full 12 months of the original DS.

Last week, a red-hot, smoking iPhone 4 caused panic among passengers on an Australian plane; luckily, the flight attendants managed to extinguish the handset before anyone got hurt. Now, there is a second report of a self-combusting iPhone 4 from another part of the world which could have ended tragically.

Researchers have developed a method in which they use old school criminology to bring down cyber criminals. According to a research being conducted at the University of Maryland, cyber criminals are vulnerable to human failings just like their targets as it is a known fact that the biggest threat to network security is humans.