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Vodafone Unveils Child Safety 'Vodafone Guardian' Mobile App

Vodafone has launched a parental control app, Vodafone Guardian, for mobile phones used by children. This move has been initiated after concerns over the "danger of unrestricted use of phone along with internet accessibility via phone" were raised.

This new initiative will permit parents to put an end to unwanted contacts via blacklisting numbers to stop bullying calls or transfer of bullying texts to any other secure folder or even preparing an approved list for all outgoing calls.

The system is also capable of restricting usage of internet via phone, which is possible either through blocking web access completely or accessibility for particular hours every day. In fact, parents can also deactivate the camera of the phone.

Director of Vodafone Foundation, Andrew Dunnett, reported that many parents showed their interest in this new service. This new service can easily be downloaded for free as an app on the Android phones.

According to Vodafone this app is the first safety feature like this to have been launched by any major mobile operator. The "Vodafone Guardian" app can be downloaded from the Android market here. There is a supplement to the app that will inform parents about removal of the Vodafone Guardian app is available here.

The app will also be launched in Germany, Egypt, Italy, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands and also in New Zealand, reported The Financial Times.