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Wiki Leaks to Release Documents Concerning Government Spy Activities

Julian Assange, founder of Wiki Leaks, recently announced the launch of a new project for the website. Under this project, hundreds of files will be published with details of a global industry that supplies to governments various tools to spy on citizens.

The latest project unveils the activities of about 160 companies operating in 25 countries. These companies are known for developing various technologies that permit tracking and monitoring of individuals through email accounts, mobile handsets and Internet browsing histories.

Assange said in a statement, "Today we release over 287 files documenting the reality of the international mass surveillance industry - an industry which now sells equipment to dictators and democracies alike in order to intercept entire populations," as reported by

The founder of Wiki Leaks has been residing in UK for the past year and is fighting extradition to Sweden regarding questioning on various allegations of rape along with sexual assault - he is living under the condition of tight bail.

Regarding the latest revelations, a former WikiLeaks spokesman and computer expert at the University of Washington, Jacob Appelbaum, said, "These systems that are revealed in these documents show exactly the kind of systems that the Stasi wished they could have built."