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YouTube Gets New Future Ready Look

On Thursday, YouTube announced the "most extensive" additions and changes to its website in terms of appearance, functioning and organisation for the first time in its six-year history as the top internet site for videos.

These changes, YouTube claims, is for preparing itself for the coming times when people will demand for the facility to watch the YouTube videos on their TV, smartphones as well as gaming consoles and not only on their laptops or PCs.

From Thursday, 800 million monthly users of YouTube will experience these changes. YouTube is trying to emphasis on more television like experience cantered around channels rather than nuclear videos.

Vice president of product development for YouTube, Shishir Mehrotra, stated, "We're trying to take what we see as the best of TV and the best of online and bring it together," reported San Jose Mercury News.

To start with, the new YouTube has totally reworked on the design of its homepage to add new navigation as well as discovery tools.

Noam Lovinsky, who leads the consumer products team at YouTube, said, "This is the largest redesign and the largest launch in YouTube's history."