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ARM Based Windows 8 Tablets Not To Have Desktop Apps?

Microsoft is going to drop the "Desktop" apps from the yet-to-be released Windows 8 ARM-based tablets, it has been reported.

In the month of September, it was a matter controversy regarding which Microsoft said that they will be allowing the "Desktop" apps to run on Windows 8 ARM-based tablets. However, in the latest development Microsoft Corp. changed its mind and has decided not to go ahead with this plan.

Now, the implication of this is that only Metro-styled apps will be supported by the new platform.

Windows 8 will be the first operating system from Microsoft that will be compatible with ARM. If Microsoft goes ahead with its plans of removing the desktop apps from ARM-based tablets, it would mean that the Redmond based OS giant will be providing different flavours of Windows 8 for different hardware unless the x86/x64 versions also do away with these apps. If Windows wants to be a true competitor to Apple iPad, this move is a must notes ZD Net.

Microsoft is a dominant player in the world of software, however, it has been struggling to make a mark in mobile phones and tablets market, but hopefully, they will do well with the new offering.