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10 Windows 8 Tips and Tricks To Familiarise You With The New OS

Transition to Windows 8 may be quite painful for those wielding a mouse and keyboard so today we've thought to bring you 10 valuable tips and tricks that can familiarise you with the upcoming operating system from Microsoft. Some of the followings can be done solely using a keyboard and a mouse and some may be performed even by touch enthusiasts. Most of them were tested in the Windows 8 developer preview version so they may be removed by the time the final build arrives or, even become obsolete. Let's start, shall we?

1. Turn the device OFF: Believe it or not, this was a challenge even for me. To do this from the Metro interface, you'll have to move the cursor on the Start button in the middle-left corner and then click on Settings. A menu will appear in the right side, where you will need to go to Power and then choose to shut down the computer. Careful, as the computer will not truly shut down like in Windows 7, unless you turn off the Hybrid Boot.

2. Set the weather in Celsius Degrees: By default, Windows 8 uses Fahrenheit degrees to display the temperature in the Weather app. To change this to Celsius, all you have to do is press the Windows + C keys and then go to Settings. All the details will be found there.

3. Blaze through the Lock Screen: Getting through the Lockscreen can be done very fast. If you have a touch supportive display, just swipe the panel. Those with a mouse can double-click anywhere on the screen or, press Enter.

4. Search faster: If you are on the Metro Start screen you can start searching simply by typing the name of the object you are looking for. The well-known Search panel will appear instantly.

5. See favourite apps when searching: As you may know, the Search pane usually displays a list of all installed applications. This list can be modified by going to the Control Panel, hitting the Search menu from the far right and then toggling the apps that should appear in the Search pane.

6. Open the Task Manager: Ctrl+Alt+Delete is old fashion guys. In Windows 8, you can quickly open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Esc.

7. Closing Win Explore: Also known as the Windows Shell, 8 does not allow this service to be completely shut down like in Windows 7. But, if you find yourself stuck you can always activate the Task Manager, click the Windows Explorer and then press the Restart button.

8. Quickly open the File History menu: From any folder opened in Windows Explorer, the File History menu can easily be accessed by pressing the buttons as shown below:

9. Preview backed-up files: Some of these files are backed-up with Thumbnails so previewing them becomes easy. Just choose Icons as the way to view them and everything should be revealed.

10.Add userful apps to the Metro Start screen: The Metro UI can display tiles of normal, Windows 7ish apps alongside others. To add one of these applications to the Start screen simply search the program and right click its result. Now, choose to Pin it on the app bar. To remove this selection, right-click it and then go for Unpin.