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£299.99 Celcus 32882FHD 32" Full HD 1080p LCD TV

Celcus 32882FHD is an ideal entry level 32" Full HD 1080p LCD TV that would let you enjoy better entertainment without the need of spending heavily on high-priced LCDs.

Capable of 1920x1080 output through its 32-inch screen, the Celcus 32882FHD is definitely one to go for if you looking to treat yourself this Christmas with something special and cost effective. The menu system of the LCD TV is quite straightforward and setup won't take more than just a few minutes.

The Full HD 1080p output would deliver best picture quality allowing you to connect other Full HD products, such as Blu-Ray players, through the HDMI socket, to experience your favourite movies; gaming console for games.

The TV also comes with a USB socket that would let you view you photos and videos straight from your flash drive and it would even let you listen to your favourite MP3 songs. You would also be able to connect a DVD player through the same socket and a SCART socket would let you connect your digital set-top box.

The Nicam stereo audio output complements the video output and even though nothing like the Dolby Digital audio output, it still does a good enough job to deliver sound that would complement the video quality to some level.

Sainsbury's is offering the Celcus 32882FHD 32" Full HD 1080p LCD TV for £299.99.