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Apple iPad 2 Tablet AppleCare Protection Plan Slashed

Those looking to buy an Apple iPad 2 tablet might choose to get the AppleCare protection plan not from Apple direct, but from online retailer CPC which is currently selling it for as little as £35.94.

The package is the official "one stop service and support from Apple experts" and also adds another additional year warranty to the original one year which is offered by Apple.

It furthermore extends the telephone technical support from 90 days up to two years. AppleCare covers both the iPad hardware and its software, but must be purchased within the original one-year warranty period.

Apple currently sells the plan for £69, and just how CPC has managed to get the cost down to such a low price - almost half price - we find to be a little puzzling. Most other retailers, such as, among others Amazon and Insight, sell the package for way more than that.

The Apple iPad has been the best selling tablet ever since it was launched in 2010, and it does make sense for Apple to offer an extended Applecare protection. We're not sure however whether the protection extends to batteries and accessories as well.

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