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Apple Scouting Oregon, USA Locations for New Data Centre

Apple, for the purpose of setting up a data centre, is looking for 160 acres of land located right next to the server firm established by Facebook in Oregon.

Apple's iCloud service requires high data-grinding horsepower. At present, Apple has set up one facility in Maiden, N.C. According to reports, they are on a look out for a second spot in Oregon to increase Apple iCloud's data munching capabilities.

According to a report, Oregon's popularity is increasing for such purposes mainly due to "mild weather and relatively low power costs." Another big factor are tax breaks the state offers to draws more and more companies, as reported by Digital Trends.

Recently, various reports were published that claim Apple has sent representatives to look into Facebook's new facility, built in Prineville, Oregon during the beginning 2011. However, Apple's project is "in flux" as they want to make sure there is enough electricity available at the location.

Earlier in 2011, Apple set up a massively huge 500,000 square foot data centre in Maiden, New York. In October, the company declared plans to build a solar farm next to this data centre.