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BT Ups Broadband, Home Phone Service & TV Prices

UK telecom giant BT has increased the prices of its broadband, home phone services and TV channels just weeks before Christmas.

The price hike, which has come into effect immediately, affects more than 10 million BT customers in the United Kingdom.

According to Daily Mail, the customers of BT's Anytime Call plan will have their bill rise to £4.90, an increase of 20p. The company also announced an increase of 5 per cent in monthly line rental charges, to £14.60 from £13.90.

The company has also decided to increase the prices of daytime and evening calls, with the daytime calls now costing 7.95p per minute while the evening calls cost 1.05p per minute.

BT, which posted a profit of £1.7 billion in the financial year ending March this year, also revealed that customers of its broadband packages will see their bills rise by 20p to £4.90, depending on their subscription plans.

"We are making a series of price updates, but are freezing some prices until 2013 to provide customers with greater certainty over bills." said BT director John Petter reports Mirror.