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Developers Port Android ICS to x86 Platforms

Developers have managed to port Google's new Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich to x86 platforms.

A group of developers over at have managed to get the operating system for the x86 platform, offered by Intel and AMD. As of now, the popular mobile operating system only works for mobile processors built by ARM.

The ICS port for x86 is still in the very early stages of development, but it comes with basic features including support for Wi-Fi, support for multi-touch screen and hardware based graphic acceleration.

The developers have managed to get the platform working on AMD's x86 based Brazos processor; designed for net book and tablet devices.

The x86 ICS version has yet to receive more important functionality which might result in desktops and laptop computers based on the open source operating system. The platform has yet to get support for sound, camera, hardware acceleration, and Ethernet.

According to an article on TG Daily, Google is working closely with AMD to bring Android to tablet devices powered by its processors while Intel is working to bring both Android and Windows 8 to its platform.