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Facebook Finds Irish Town ‘Effin’ Offensive

A village named Effin in County Limerick, Ireland, came into news after it was banned from Facebook. The reason behind the ban is the name of this village, which is considered offensive.

Residents of the village recently discovered that they are unable to register the name of the village as their place of birth on Facebook, the very popular social networking site. Facebook automatically censored this name like "more traditional four-letter expletives", reported The Sun.

Against this automatic banning Ann Marie Kennedy, born in Effin, has launched a campaign to make the name recognised by the highly accessed website. As a matter of fact, Kennedy's effort to "create a group" on Facebook named "Please get my hometown Effin recognised" also got rejected.

Kennedy commented, "I would like to be able to put Effin on my profile page and so would many other Effin people around the world to proudly say that they are from Effin, County Limerick, but it won't recognise that."

Instead of Effin, Facebook comes up with options like Illinois, Effingham, Illinois, or even Effingham, New Hampshire.

At present, Kennedy is trying to gather almost 1,000 people of this village to support her cause. She pointed out that one available option is to use the traditional Irish spelling that is Eifinn which according to her is "not the point".