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First Radeon HD 7000 mobile chips show up

The first mobile AMD HD 7000 chips have shown up in a couple of mid-range notebooks from HP and Asus, using the 7690M and 7670M respectively.

The first laptop featuring the next generation of AMD graphics processing units (GPU) was the Asus X53TK. This uses the A6-3420M APU which has an integrated 6520G graphics core, but twinned with it is the discrete HD 7670M. Fudzilla reports that this comes with a 128-bit DDR3 memory interface with expected clock speeds of 600MHZ for the GPU core and 900MHZ for the memory.

However, Asus isn't the only one to be jumping on AMD's new chips as soon as possible. HP also has its own version in the form of the Envy 17" laptop, with slightly beefier hardware than its rival 7 series notebook. In this one you get an Intel Core i5 processor, six gigabytes of DDR3 memory and a 7690M XT GPU featuring 1GB of GDDR5 clocked at 800MHZ.

The HP Envy will also come in a couple of other flavours, a more expensive 17-inch 3D version and a slightly cheaper 15-inch model. The latter of the two is thought to have the same 7670M chip used in the Asus alternative.

There's not been a release date unveiled for these laptops, though it would be surprising if they didn't land some time before Christmas. The first few standard desktop graphics cards using these new 7 series chips are expected to be available in January next year.

This is AMD's first run at 28nm parts with performance likely to be quite impressive, especially when the dual chip varieties appear some time later in Q1 2012. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.