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Intel, Google Design Android Smartphones to Run on Atom Processors

Intel in collaboration with Google will produce Android powered smartphones running on Atom processors. The plan is to enter the smartphone market with Atom processors.

During the Intel cloud summit, R Ravichandran, Intel's India and South Asia sales director, stated that, "Google TV, which uses Intel processors has already debuted. So are Ultrabooks and tablets with Intel processors. Next year, you will see smartphones with Atom cores make their debut."

Tablet PCs with Atom processors are already in the marketplace; around 35 companies have adopted this latest platform so far. Intel has already made it clear that these devices will not be limited just to Windows 7 - they will also be made available for Android phones, as reported by The Mobile Indian.

In mid-2010 Intel revealed the first Atom designed specifically for tablets and smartphones were available.

The chip named Z600 provides an average of 4 to 5 hours of battery for video viewing or cellular browsing and, surprisingly, 10 days on standby mode and 2 days of audio.

Recently, Google released an Android version optimised for the x86 architecture perfect for Intel's processors so it can be said that the new smartphone is not too far away.