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Ivy Bridge Desktop Processor Specs Leaked to the Web

Intel's next generation of Ivy Bridge desktop processors has been leaked on the web.

CPU World has posted the entire line of upcoming processors complete with their model numbers and technical specifications.

Ivy Bridge is the 22nm version of the highly successful Sandy Bridge line. The line features improved graphics, support for the chip giant's 3D transistor technology, and support for USB 3.0.

Intel claims that Ivy Bridge processors will be 60 percent more powerful than Sandy Bridge. The company plans to unveil the processors during the Consumer Electronics Show 2012 early next year and is expected to launch the line in April.

According to CPU World, the fastest processor in the Ivy Bridge desktop line, is the Core i7-3770K, which has speeds of 3.5 GHz. The website revealed that the Ivy Bridge Core i7 processor will remain unchanged and will feature 4 CPU cores with Hyper-Threading support, 8 MB level 3 cache, and support for Turbo Boost technology.

Off greater interest, however, to consumers will be Intel's line of Ivy Bridge mobile processors that are expected to power the highly awaited Ultrabooks laptops.