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Kobo Luring Customers with Book Club 2012 Offer

Kobo announced last week that it will be launching a "book club" for consumers who purchase and activate their e-reader. The offer will be available to only those consumers who will buy and activate their e-reader before the month of March next year.

The club will be called "The 2012 Kobo Book Club" and is planned to be made available for the Kobo eReader Touch and Kobo Touch with Offers e-readers. On Thursday the company revealed these details about this latest plan.

During 2012, the US and Canadian users of Kobo will get a free e-book each month, which they can keep and read.

The company also confirmed that it introduce a firmware upgrade for the Vox eReader tablet. The upgraded version will download as well as install automatically once the user switches on the device and connect the device via wireless connection, reported PC Mag.

Executive vice president of content, sales and merchandising for Kobo, Michael Tamblyn, said that, "Kobo has an amazing family of eReaders and with the launch of the 2012 Book Club there's never been a better time to buy a Kobo Touch eReader."