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LG Prada Tablet Coming Out Soon?

Could LG launch a Prada tablet in the forthcoming weeks? Well it looks like it, as the Korean manufacturer has sent invites to an exclusive event in partnership with luxury brand Prada, technology website Techradar reports.

Techradar's Kate Solomon says that the invite was shaped like a tablet, which could indicate something about the device to be launched.

She didn't mention where the event would be held, although the date on the invite is the 14th of December.

LG announced that it would continue to partner with Prada and has already said there will be a Prada Phone, version 3.0, which will launch next year.

The last LG tablet, the Optimus Pad, has proved to be quite a disappointment. The tablet may well be the first that offers 3D recording and viewing capabilities, but it is also one of the most expensive out there.

At £750, it is almost twice as expensive as the cheapest Apple iPad 2 tablet and nearly three times the price of the RIM Blackberry PlayBook tablet.

It could be that the LG Prada tablet will be the follow up to the LG Optimus Pad with a cheaper price tag and an improved hardware configuration.

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