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Mobile Apps Count Nearing 1 Million Says Analysis Firm

The mobile app marketplace is on the verge of hitting an important milestone of 1 million apps, a new report has claimed.

According to a report released by mobile apps marketplace analysis firm Mobilewalla, the entire apps ecosystem, counting all the rival factions, will soon have 1 million apps to offer. The company did not mention the basis of its claim, though, as it is not clear whether it counted the same app on all the platforms or unique applications.

Mobilewalla said in a press release that an average of 2,000 mobile apps enter the mobile app marketplace every day.

The company claimed that according to its figures, the current mobile app marketplace count stood at 987,863, combing all the major mobile platforms. Mobilewalla revealed that during the last 12 months, the number of apps offered for Apple's platform increased to 589,148 from 338,000 while Android increased its numbers from 115,000 to 319,774.

"This is truly an astonishing accomplishment that cannot be ignored," said Anindya Datta, the founder and executive chairman of Mobilewalla.

"The growth of apps is the fastest growing consumer segment in the history of commerce. The app race began in July, 2008 when the iTunes App store opened and Google followed with the launch of the Android operating system in October, 2008. Recently, app marketplaces have been launched for the Blackberry RIM and Microsoft Windows Phone platforms." he added.