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Never Released HP TouchPad Go Pulled from Ebay Auction

The HP TouchPad, the WebOS powered tablet only made a mark after its discontinuation along with a reduction in price - down to $99. Incidentally, when the original TouchPad was launched, there were strong rumours that the company would also introduce another version called TouchPad Go, with a 7 inch screen.

But despite getting FCC approval and ample media coverage, TouchPad Go never made it to the market.

Even though the TouchPad Go was never released there are few units which were manufactured.

One of these units has made its way to eBay at a starting bid of $1500. However, this appearance and availability was short-lived as someone actually pulled down the auction on various grounds of copyright and trademark claims, reports Slash Gear.

The person or company responsible for pulling the tablet down from eBay is not clear, but according to speculation, it was most likely HP. The tablet specs are not yet clear, though according to rumour, it has 32GB storage capability, a 7 inch screen, CDMA, WiFi and many more scintillating features.