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Oracle Accuses HP of False Advertising and Other Misdeeds

Oracle has created fresh controversy concerning Hewlett-Packard by accusing it of false advertising for the promotion of its Itanium servers.

According to reports, Oracle revised the lawsuit filed against HP wherein it stated that HP "made false and deceptive statements" to both the public and Oracle to facilitate a more favourable market for its Itanium server product line.

Interestingly, this latest accusation from Oracle has come at a time just after it claimed that HP inked a deal with Intel to develop the Itanium processor for at a certain time.

HP admitted to this claim by Oracle by stating that there was a development contract in place between the two companies. However, it refrained from making it clear when the contract was to remain valid.

"Oracle is in breach of its contractual commitments to HP, and it has failed to honour its promises to customers," stated Michael Thacker, a spokesman for Palo Alto, California-based HP, said yesterday in an e-mailed statement responding to Oracle's new claims, according to a report by the Inquirer.

"Oracle should be addressing and rectifying this conduct rather than making up claims against HP," he added.