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Pachube announces OnBoard beta

Pachube, the sensor network start-up recently acquired by LogMeIn, has announced the beta launch of OnBoard, a turnkey service designed to allow commercial device manufacturers to easily participate in the burgeoning revolution that is the Internet of Things.

Developed in partnership with commercial manufacturers already looking to hook their devices up to the internet, OnBoard allows companies to automatically bulk-register their devices on the Pachube service, allowing end users to access sensor information by simply entering their device's serial number into the site.

Pachube has grown rapidly since its inception, offering hackers and tinkerers the ability to connect almost any kind of sensor to a powerful back-end system for monitoring and historical information. The company's service has seen rapid uptake in the home energy generation sector, and Current Cost - a company responsible for the deployment of over two million home energy monitoring products - is one of the first to take advantage of OnBoard.

"As a leader in affordable home-energy monitors, we see the potential of Internet-connected devices," explains Martin Dix, chief executive of Current Cost. "Building on Pachube allowed us to get a compelling, reliable connected service to market quickly. The next step is to empower our users to share their data and collaborate with other users to make better decisions. We chose Pachube because we believe their platform can help us go from a company that sells connected devices to a company that builds communities of connected energy users."

Those buying a product from a company offering OnBoard integration simply need add the serial numbers to the Pachube website, at which point they will be offered a dashboard for customisation with full historical monitoring and real-time alert functionality. This data can also be fed into third-party apps, the company has confirmed.

"We're trying to make it easier for device makers of all shapes and sizes to integrate with the Pachube service and give their users access to their own device data," explains Usman Haque, founder of Pachube. "Our vision for the Internet of Things is that it should be as simple, innovative, valuable, and open as the Web is. OnBoard makes it easier for device makers to realise that vision." monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.