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Pew Study: US Adults Go Online For No Particular Reason

According to a latest study, more Americans go online to pass their time as compared to the figures a couple of years ago.

The study by Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project discovered that almost 53 per cent of young adults aged between 18 to 29 go on the web during any given day for nothing particular in mind but, for diversion or just pure fun. Almost 81 per cent people confessed of doing so "at least occasionally".

The study covered 2,260 adults who are 18 years and over, on landlines as well as cellphones and has a "margin of error" of 3.7 per cent. Interestingly, the survey also revealed that 58 per cent adults or 74 per cent of online adults also confessed of using the internet for the same purpose.

The figures pertaining to adults are 45 per cent higher than the figures of 2006 survey conducted under the same project. Pew also noted that with the growth of broadband connections, video and social networking internet has become more a "destination for fun".

Lead author of the survey, Lee Rainie, stated that, "These findings are one of our main signs about how deeply Internet use has woven itself into the rhythms of people's lives," reported CNN.