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Reminder : Apple Offering 0% Financing on Purchases

Apple has been offering finance via its Financial Services in partnership with Barclays, when you buy hardware, software, accessories and services, for some time now.

The minimum order value is £429, which is more expensive than the cheapest iPad 2 but enough to spread the cost of that new iPhone 4S whose cost starts from £499.

Third party products, however, may only be purchased in conjunction with Apple hardware and must not represent more than a third of the total value of the financing.

The deal has 0% APR and offers 10 monthly repayments of equal value, so it works out cheaper than taking a loan or paying by credit card.

The deal is not available for businesses or for longer periods. Interestingly, there's no upper limit and the application can be completed online. The financing option can be chosen at checkout after placing the order; more details can be found here.

Most major computer companies, like Dell and HP, and most retailers like Misco, Dixons and Ebuyer offer financing options for purchasing their products, although the majority have a minimum deposit as well as administration and service fees attached.

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