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Samsung shows off flexible AMOLED concept video

Samsung has shown off a video for what could be the future of the tablet and smartphone: a flexible AMOLED display, capable of video calling, 3D videos, augmented reality and translation services.

Of course most of this is in the "wouldn't that be cool" phase, but some of it isn't as far off as might be expected. Samsung is planning to launch its first flexible smartphone some time in 2012, which is thought likely to have a very low energy usage as well as being almost unbreakable.

The video begins with a smartphone, which then folds out into a tablet. This would be a sensible direction for developers to go in, since the smartphone's uses have grown to make it capable of doing everything a tablet can, it's just smaller. It makes sense to just allow it to increase in size, taking over the tablet game too.

From there you see video calling that people are able to view from the front and back, some news reports that can be expanded upon simply - though that's hardly a future tech - before some augmented reality is used to show the user what a dish advertised in text format outside a restaurant looks like.

Since this bendable display is viewable from both front and back, it's able to be used as a translator as well. As people talk in differing languages, a text display brings up what they said in the corresponding natural language, making communication far easier.

Before finishing up with a short holographic motorbike race video, we're shown how two video callers at once would be able to communicate and see one another by bending the display inwards.

There's plenty to see here that is still a ways off, but augmented reality is being implemented now and the translation idea isn't that far fetched either. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.