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Samsung Video Provides Glimpse into Smartphone Future

Samsung provided a glimpse into the future of tablets and smartphones via a video it released. The video shows a very flexible AMOLED display, 3D videos, translation services, video calling capacity and also augmented reality.

Even though some features are distant dreams, others are not too far from the future.

Sometime in 2012, Samsung is expected to introduce their first flexible smartphone that features very low use of energy and will be almost unbreakable.

The Samsung video begins with a smartphone that folds out into a tablet PC. Then a video calling session is displayed on the device - people can see the video calling session from both front and back side of the device. Then there are many other features shown including the expansion of news reports. Viewers also get to see some augmented reality, reports

The device in the video clip can also be used as a translator; displays can be seen from front as well as the back side.

In short, the device, which has been shown in the video clip, is truly incredible and has already gained huge popularity. It also inspires developers to become more innovative and creative.