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Sharp Unveils 12-megapixel Camera Sensor

Japanese manufacturer Sharp has announced the release of a 12.1-megapixel camera sensor module which is based on CMOS technology, has an aperture of 1/3.2 inches and comes with an optical image stabilisation feature.

The sensor, which Sharp says is only 5.47mm high and has the thinnest profile in the industry, has already had samples shipped.

The RJ63YC100 supports full HD video capture and is likely to find its way into a number of devices including smartphones and possibly camcorders.

Sharp says that the optical image stabiliser uses a lens-shift system which should not only work better than software-based solutions, but will also enhance picture quality under dim light conditions and when shooting moving subjects.

Volume shipments will start in January 2012 and while price of the sample is currently 12,000 yen (or around £100), we expect volume prices to be significantly less than that.

There are only a handful of smartphones on the market that offer a 12-megapixel sensor; the Nokia N8, the Sony Ericsson Satio or Idou, and the Samsung M8910 also known as the Pixon 12 which was launched more than two years ago.

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