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Skype Security Vulnerability Could Put Users at Risk

According to researchers, Skype can expose a user's location through revelation of their IP address. This could pose significant security threats for the video calling service.

Polytechnic Institute of New York University's researchers made video calls to 10,000 Skype users which were chosen at random. It was found that even when someone does not answer the incoming call, the IP address of the user still faces vulnerability of theft.

With an IP address, hackers can extract specific information about any user like with whom they chat, contents of downloads, and, in many cases, the user's zip-code specific location.

Keith Ross, computer science professor and study researcher commented that, "Any sophisticated high school or college hacker could easily do this."

Ross also added,"the findings have real security implications for the hundreds of millions of people around the world who use VoIP or P2P file-sharing services," as reported by Forbes.

Microsoft's Skype has 171 million registered users all over the globe and the latest security flaw is major negligence on their part.

For the time being, professor Ross has advised users of Skype to turn off services except when a call is expected and to also avoid using real names for logging in as a Skype user name.