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UK Boasts Most Online Shoppers in the World, According to KMPG

Shoppers in the UK are adopting technology at a much faster rate than those in any other country in the world.

According to research conducted by accounting firm KPMG, shopping in the UK has evolved thanks to online and mobile shopping.

The company's global survey of shopping habits revealed that 77 percent of shoppers in the UK preferred buying CDs, DVDs, books and video games online compared to 65 percent of people who do so globally.

UK consumers don't really trust the services offered by mobile banking, however. People in the UK are more hesitant to use mobile banking that anywhere else.

Social media platforms have great influence on people's shopping habits. The survey revealed that a majority of shoppers globally consult social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter and online review websites before making a purchase, as reported by the BBC.

Around 74 percent of shoppers in the UK preferred buying flight tickets and holiday packages online while 6 in 10 people used websites to shop for groceries.

"From buying goods on their mobile phones to keeping up with friends on social networks, consumers are increasingly reliant on a range of technologies that perform important - yet often overlapping - tasks," said Tudor Aw, KPMG's European head of technology.

"This new 'converged lifestyle' will have huge implication for retailers," he added.