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UK Invests £158 million in IT Infrastructure for Research Institutes

The UK government has announced its plans to invest £158 million to boost the IT infrastructure available to research institutes.

According to the government's plans, announced by David Willetts, the minister for universities and science, a large chunk of the investment money will go into building a supercomputer, which will be capable of supporting advanced research projects like weather science, The Guardian reports.

The minister said the supercomputer project, known as Archer, will receive £43 million in funding.

The government also plans to invest £31 million in improving high capacity networks available in universities, £24 million improving data storage capabilities available to research councils and £6.5 million in enhancing collaboration between universities.

"This investment is especially welcome in the challenging economic times we all face," said Professor Rick Rylance, chair of Research Councils UK.

"Investment in high performance computing and increased data storage capacity is essential to ensure research in the UK remains at the cutting edge in the most advanced areas and is capable of stimulating growth," he added.