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US Shoppers Spend $1.25 Billion on Cyber Monday

On Sunday, research firm comScore revealed that U.S. shoppers, even after a record breaking Cyber Monday, are still spending money online.

By tracking web usage, comScore discovered that shoppers made purchases of around $6 billion via online shopping over the past week.

During Cyber Monday, sales figures reached $1.25 billion which eventually became the "biggest online shopping day in history." This trend continued on Tuesday and Wednesday with sales figures easily crossing $1 billion on both days.

Interestingly, this holiday shopping season can very easily cover 40 percent of retailers' yearly revenue. Due to factors like promotions and heavy discounts, not only has online shopping, but in-store shopping has risen.

Free shipping is another prime attraction for consumers to shop online. Gian Fulgoni, comScore chairman stated, "Consumers have come to expect free shipping during the holiday promotion periods, and retailers, in turn, have realised that they must offer this incentive," as reported by the Sacramento Bee.

Figures shown by comScore do not include auctions, travel or large corporate purchases. Consumers, through online shopping, purchased items like general merchandise, clothing, electronics, toys and department store items.