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Voice Commands Coming to Xbox 360 Console

Microsoft plans to introduce a new update to the Xbox 360 console pretty soon.

The free update enables users to control their TV by merely shouting at it. Users can ask their devices to search for digital content with words and so on. In addition, users can also ask their televisions to play or pause through voice commands.

The new update will also include a major renovation to the user interface of the console, the software giant commented.

"The new design of the Xbox 360 dashboard is part of a major overhaul of all Microsoft brands. The look and feel of the UI has more than a touch of Windows 8 to it plus a lovely smattering of old-style Xbox dashboard in there for good measure," said Marc Chacksfield of technology site, TechRadar.

A handful of UK partners have already been confirmed by the company for the brand new dashboard, which includes Crackle, LoveFilm, ScreenRush, MSN, Demand 5 and Vevo. This update will change the way people choose content to view or listen to through the Xbox 360 console.