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Apple Television To Come In Three Sizes, Including 32-inch and 55-inch

Apple televisions may come in three different flavours according to sources in Japan cited by Australian tech website Smarthouse.

The rumours point to three different screen sizes including a 32-inch entry level one and a top of the range 55-inch model, which leaves us with a possible 43-inch one in the middle.

The report claims that there's a major Japanese company involved which might either be Sony, Panasonic or Toshiba, and Apple may use Siri to bring voice control to its TV sets.

Expect the television to be a TV+ Apple TV hybrid with a new processor, possibly the ARM-based Apple A6 which should also power the iPhone and iPad devices coming next year (although we suspect that there will be several iterations of the model).

Smarthouse's report also reckons that both LG and Samsung will be releasing new Smart TVs that will come with more advanced ARM-based processors and a combination of OLED technology and Super HD.

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