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Asus Sold More Netbooks Than Tablets In 2011

Taiwanese manufacturer Asus has managed to sell nearly five million netbooks in 2011 but only about 1.8 million tablets this year according to a report published by Digitimes.

Asus had a number of netbooks available for sale this year, but only one tablet, the Eee Pad Transformer which was announced at CES 2011, that proved to be as market-defining (at least for Android tablets) as the first netbook, the Eee PC 701.

Next year, Asus will also have the Eee Pad Slider, the Asus Padfone and the newly announced Eee Pad Transformer Prime, which should help Asus achieve its aim of shipping up to three million tablets.

This is still far off the six to eight million netbooks it managed to sell in 2010. And while netbooks have been said to be a dying breed, they could be revived next year thanks to the launch of Windows 8 For ARM in the second half of 2012.

WoA will run on one of three chipset families from Nvidia, TI and Qualcomm and could give a new lease of life to the netbook as it faces the dual threats of tablets and the more expensive ultrabooks.

Asus has passed Dell and Acer in China for notebook and netbook sales, and should overtake the former in terms of worldwide market share in 2012.

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