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Class Action Lawsuit Filed Against HP for Security Flaws in Printers

Researchers at Columbia University have stated that hackers are capable of setting HP printers on fire even though HP says that it is impossible.

In light of these developments, David Goldlatt, the lead plaintiff, filed a class action lawsuit against HP in California on Thursday. The primary claim is that the IT company should have issued warnings to customers regarding flaws ahead of time.

To be very specific, the flaw in HP printers is definitely looking bad. In 2009, HP LaserJet printers were built to accept firmware updates from remote locations without proper checks concerning the source of the updates.

And, this theoretically means, hackers can create malicious firmware updates and upload them to the printers to stop operation, spy on users by viewing print jobs or setting the device on fire by overheating it.

In its defense, HP said the company was never contacted about any hacking attempts and that the printers have "thermal breakers" to prevent any hacking attack, as reported by Wired.

"We cannot provide any comment on pending litigation," said HP spokesman,Michael Thacker.