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Dorkbot Worm Targets Facebook Users

Facebook users are being warned against new malware that has affected the social networking platform by spreading through the chat system.

According to UK based security software maker Sophos, the platform has been affected with malware that installs Dorkbot worms on target systems.

The company warns that the malware is spreading rapidly on the platform via the Facebook Chat feature and Facebook's security mechanisms are failing to block it.

When users chat with a user whose account and computer system has been affected by the malware, they receive an innocent looking link which appears to a be link to a Facebook photo album.

The link, instead of leading to a Facebook jpg image, takes users to a third party website, which installs malware on the system. The malware then goes ahead and installs another peice of malware which infects the user with the Dorkbot malware.

"Clearly it's time, if you haven't already learnt the lesson, to realise that you should always be wary of links shared by friends on social networks - after all, how can you tell it was a friend who sent it or a piece of malware on their computer?" Sophos explains in the blog post.