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Eric Schmidt Meets EU Regulators, Antitrust Rumours Sprawl

On Monday, the executive chairman of Google, Eric Schmidt, met European Union's antitrust commissioner amid various rumours that the European Commission in early 2012 might impose major objections on the search giant.

The European Union at present is assessing various complaints regarding accusations that Google is abusing their dominant market position and plans "to slam Google with a 400+ page" of "statement of objections".

This statement of objections will be consisting of a list of various points highlighting possible infractions of antitrust laws. This list will follow sanctions and also fines if the global search company fails to reach to an amicable agreement with the EU commission on their conduct.

But, the commission confirmed that these reports are based on third party speculations and definitely not official status on the matter, reported Computer World.

Competition commissioner Joaqun Almunia confirmed that it was not for discussing the details of the case. Almunia commented that, "This is not a meeting to negotiate anything."

At the same time the commissioner also added that he was "very keen to exchange views." reported Computer World.

On the other hand, Google spokesman Al Verney, said, "We frequently meet with policy makers and regulators around the world. We're always happy to discuss issues affecting our industry and explain how our business works."