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Fujitsu PC Introduces The Slimline 13.3 inch Lifebook SH771

Recently, Fujitsu PC introduced the latest model in their Lifebook range - The Slimline 13.3 inch Lifebook SH771.

This new device is very lightweight and is made of magnesium alloy. Weighing 1.22 kilograms, this model is the thinnest and lightest two-spindle 13.3 inch Lifebook to date, as per a company statement.

Fujitsu PC ANZ country manager, Bert Noah stated, "Fujitsu understands the importance of the balance between power and portability for modern day usage and we address those needs in our products, pushing the limits of design and innovation to bring quality and reliable products to our users," as reported by

In expressing his satisfaction over the new models, Noah said that the new Fujitsu Lifebook SH771marks the beginning of a chain of products which will "take our designs to the next level."

The new device also has USB 3.0 connectivity which allows the charging of different devices without the need to turn the system on. Super Fine HD back-lit LED display, Intel Wireless Display, fingerprint sensors, visual authentication are some of the specialities featured in the device.