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Google Gets Clearance for AdMeld Acquisition

Google disclosed that it has finally managed to gain clearance over purchase of AdMeld. AdMeld is a New-York based company which was established in the year 2008 to assist the Internet publishers in realising better revenues by the management of display ads from various ad networks as well as other sources.

AdMeld at present has a very impressive list of clients, which includes the likes of the Weather Channel and Fox News.

The $400 million acquisition got clearance after a five-month investigation over antitrust concerns. The deal of acquisition also got sanctioned by Department of Justice U.S.

This recent acquisition is a part of Google's recent acquisition spree which can be seen as an effort to divert to new services as well as advertising sources. In the first three quarters of 2011 Google acquired 57 intangible assets.

The latest acquisition is expected to strengthen Google's ambitions regarding display of ads. According to eMarketer, at present Google's market share in display advertising is lagging behind Facebook and even Yahoo.

"Although the antitrust division concluded that this particular transaction was unlikely to cause consumer harm, the division will continue to be vigilant in the enforcement of the antitrust laws to protect competition in display and other forms of online advertising," the Justice Department said reports Bloomberg.