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Google, Intel Not Too Keen on x86 Based Android Systems

Google and Intel are not supporting porting of Android on x86 systems in general and are instead focused on bringing Android specifically to Intel's Atom processors for smartphones and tablet devices.

Intel rival Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has funded an open source project called Android-x86, in which developer Chih-Wei Huang and his team has managed to port Android to x86.

This means that one day, Android will be made available on desktop and laptop devices, something on which Google and Intel are not so keen. The Android x86 port still needs a lot of work but, the developers and AMD have great hopes for it.

"If you pull the x86 version of Android down from the AOSP and compile it, it will run on any x86 device, but that's not the intent, neither ours nor Google's. Our focus is to get phones and tablets on our Atom product line up and running on Android. That's what we've been focused on, that's what we've been working with Google on." said Intel's manager of the Google Program Office, Alec Gefrides reports EE Times.

"What's been happening [in Huang's case] is he bought an off-the-shelf notebook, downloaded Android off the Android open source project, and then tried to compile it. Of course it runs on x86, because it's all the same architecture but it doesn't have all the driver support for a PC," Gefrides explained.

The open source community would have to wait for Intel to release the drivers required for porting Android to x86, which will happen when Intel releases a device.