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Google, Mozilla in Talks Over Search Deal

For many years, Google search has been used as the default search engine on Mozilla's Firefox that resulted in great "royalty payments" for Mozilla. The deal that bound Mozilla with Google has expired in the month of November.

At present, Mozilla and Google are engaged in talks to negotiate a search deal. However at the same time, Mozilla released a video "The Mozilla Story" touting their product while soliciting donations.

A spokeswoman for Mozilla stated that both companies "are in active negotiations [but] have nothing further to announce at this time."

She continued by saying, "Our search relationship with Google remains positive for both of us," reported PCMag.

Regarding the details of the deal Google's spokeswoman said that Google does not "disclose specific terms of business agreements."

Google at present is in the position to confirm that they still "have an agreement" with Mozilla beyond this they do not have anything new to share.

The "October State of Mozilla" report discloses that the company's "largest search contract" at present is with Google. Google search amounts to 84 per cent of royalty revenues of Mozilla.