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HP to Acquire Hiflex, a Web-Based Printing Solutions Provider

Hewlett Packard has moved to acquire web based printing solutions provider Hiflex Software.

Hiflex, which was founded back in 1991 in Germany, specialises in creating software solutions that facilitate web based printing and information management software systems for printing companies.

Hiflex offers an management information system for printing companies and also runs a Webshop which allows companies to create customised printing jobs including business cards and fliers which can then by paid for and ordered online.

The Webshop is based on the open source Drupal platform.

The financial details of the acquisition were not disclosed, but HP said Hiflex will continue to work on evolving its products and provide services to existing clients, as reportedby PCWorld.

HP said the acquisition will allow it to enhance its existing imaging and printing solutions portfolio and also extend its cloud based solutions portfolio.

"HP wants to break the traditional barriers of how and where business customers print, making it easy for them to produce custom or personalised materials anywhere, anytime," said Vyomesh Joshi, executive vice president, Imaging and Printing Group, HP.

"Hiflex's technology provides a powerful platform to deliver on this goal as part of our overall cloud printing strategy," he added.