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HP TouchPad Go prototype tips up on eBay

The death of Hewlett Packard's 10-inch TouchPad tablet is well known, but what may surprise some is that the company had almost completed work on a seven-inch version dubbed the TouchPad Go - and the project was close enough to completion for a prototype to leak out on to tat market eBay.

Spotted by The Digital Reader, the auction for a seven-inch TouchPad variant - designed to offer a more pocketable webOS device to those wanting to upgrade from a smartphone without having to carry around a backpack - had reached the heady heights of $1,500 for a fully-functional prototype of the device.

While the original TouchPad was Wi-Fi only - aside from a rare 3G-enabled version only a handful of which made it to market in the US - the TouchPad Go prototype includes CDMA connectivity, Wi-Fi, and 32GB of flash along with likely the same processor as its bigger brother.

With the TouchPad Go never having made it to retail, the device is a real rarity. Sadly, the seller - who never quite makes it clear how he or she ended up with what is clearly described as an internal HP prototype device never intended for sale - will likely not get a chance to find out exactly how much such a device is worth: the auction has been pulled.

According to a statement from eBay, the auction was removed from the site due to a complaint being submitted regarding infringement of copyright or trademarks. Typically, this request for removal comes from the copyright owner itself - in this case, HP.

While the vendor is still looking to sell directly to those who had bid on the original auction, it is seeming increasingly unlikely that anyone will be getting rich from the deal. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.