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India Asks Google, Facebook to Monitor & Ban Offensive Content

The Indian government has asked social media companies like Google and Facebook to screen user generated content on their platforms.

According to Reuters, India's telecom minister Kapil Sibal met Google, Facebook and Yahoo officials to ask them to come up with a monitoring mechanism, which would help them to prevent ‘disparaging, inflammatory or defamatory' content from being posted online.

No agreement was reached during the meeting and none of the entities involved were willing to give a comment on the matter. It is reported that Sibal showed the officials a Facebook page which contained derogatory remarks against Congress Party chief Sonia Gandhi.

Sources revealed that Sibal also claimed that India did not support web censorship but, focused on self-regulation.

According to some reports by local Indian newspapers, the companies claimed that it was virtually impossible to screen content because of the massive volumes of content posted by Indians online.

India has 100 million users connected to the web and is the third largest internet market after the United States and China. The number of online users is expected to bump to 300 million in the next three years.