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Intel to Help Regional Companies Built Ultrabooks

Chip maker Intel is planning to help small companies develop and launch Ultrabook laptop devices.

According to c|net, the company is planning on holding a meeting with small PC and gadget makers and assist them in coming up with Ultrabook devices.

People familiar with Intel's plans said that the company will play ‘matchmaker' between big PC makers and smaller companies. The smaller brands expected to attend the meeting, which will be held in Taipei on Wednesday, include Epson, Onkyo, Viewsonic, Mustek, Motion Computing, WiPro, and Positivo.

Several brands approached by Intel are not big in Western markets but have a strong presence in regional markets.

Intel will help these companies in whatever way it can to start churning out Ultrabook devices. Several big PC makers like Hewlett Packard, Dell, Toshiba and Asus have already released the first Ultrabooks or are planning to release them soon.

Intel hopes that its Ultrabook laptops will take on Apple's highly popular MacBook Air devices, which have a strong hold on the market. The company is confident that Ultrabooks are capable of reaching the $699 and $799 price points, making them a lot more affordable than $900 plus MacBook Air laptops.