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iPad 2 Rival Alert : Dell Kills Streak 7 Tablet

Like its smaller sibling, the Streak 7 - Dell's 7-inch Android tablet - disappeared from the stage without almost anyone noticing (except perhaps Engadget).

The tablet is no longer available on Dell's US website and the company issued a well rounded statement that almost certainly signals the exit of the US company from the Android tablet market.

The statement also mentions the Streak 10 Pro, which is available in China and offers "the ultimate digital divide between work and life", as well as a slew of Microsoft products like the Venue and the Venue Pro (Windows Phone) and the Latitude ST (Windows 7 Pro).

The company stated that it remains "committed to expanding our reach beyond PCs with a targeted set of open, standards-based mobility solutions and services designed for commercial and mobile professional customers."

Dell may instead focus on non-consumer tablet markets where Dell can use its existing user base as well as its expertise in enterprise to have a better chance against the iPad 2 and other rivals.

There's also the looming battle next year that will pit Windows 8, either on ARM or on Intel, against the more consumery-Android and iOS.

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