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New Report Published by Intel: 2012 Predictions Factsheet

Intel has released a new report that predicts upcoming trends in technology for 2012.

According to the 2012 Predictions Factsheet, imagination, not technology may be the limiting factor in dreaming up the next great ideas.

The report features comments from several division leaders from Intel with predictions about the top technological trends for the coming year. Mostly, they talk about what Intel is doing and how it become the next big trend in 2012, as reported by PCR.

Intel leaders discuss how security will continue to be a top concern for companies big and small, with software solutions offering both security and greater accessibility.

Brian David Johnson, principal engineer and futurist, Intel Corporation, commented that in 2012, there will be multiple form factors and greater screen choices for connectivity.

"2012 will see continued ‘screenification‘ of computational power. Computing isn‘t just for computers anymore - it‘s all about screens. We‘re going to have even more form factors and choices of screens so that we get to pick how we want our computers to fit into our lives - not the other way around," he said.

Intel also predicts there will be information overload in 2012; people and organisations will continue to rely on the data available at their finger tips.