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Nokia Showcases Augmented Reality App

Mobile phone maker Nokia is now adding a new check-in service, public transportation information, additional traffic and a route-recording facility for its location services. Besides this the company is also integrating a latest "augmented reality app" in its new range of smartphones.

Nokia confirmed that at present they are mapping data in around 196 countries besides updating the collected data round the clock. Thom Brenner, Nokia's vice-president for applications, locations and commerce, stated that "location is always important because we are all always in one".

Brenner added that information and data related to public transport and traffic must be made available just at a glance and users must be able to get information of the neighbourhood also.

Brenner elaborated by saying, "We're trying to help you capture your footprint on the Earth, and make it easier to tell people where you are, or that you arrived safely, or that you're somewhere and would like to meet them", reported Tech Central.

Director of consumer product marketing, location and commerce at Nokia, Mark Thomas, commented that navigation devices are typically used when someone is lost but, now with the latest Nokia app people will be better informed about where they are going and also how much time it might take.