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Sony Movie Streaming Ads Made Using Projective Mapping Technology

Sony has partnered with Studio Output to create three new ads to promote movie rental and download services on its PlayStation Store.

The three web ads have been designed to show how immersing movie viewing can be when done via the PS3 console.

In the video clips, a user turns on the console only to have his room transformed into the world of the movie he is watching. The ads, all shot in a single take, use some impressive technology.

London-based Studio Output created the ads using a mix of actors wearing Lycra, props and most importantly, projective mapping technology, which uses special lasers to transform surfaces in a room like walls, tables and couches into an entirely different world.

The Sony PlayStation Move and its accompanying camera also played an important role in the creation of the ads, as reported by IDG News Service.

Studio Output used Move to make the backgrounds look more realistic to users no matter what angle they chose to watch them in.

"There's a whole community of coders helping each other to develop this technology. Thanks to the PlayStation Store, who funded this project, we've been able to push it further than anyone has before. But it's still a fraction of what is possible," said Ian Hambleton, art director of Studio Output, commenting on projective mapping technology.