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StumbleUpon Receives Major Design Overhaul

StumbleUpon, a popular link discovery service, has received a significant update which is its first update almost in a decade. The update will reset the website's user interface, revise the overall design of the site and will also add few latest channel features.

StumbleUpon founder and CEO, Garrett Camp, said, "The changes reflect what our users are looking for [when they] have some free time and ... want to be entertained."

The services offered by the website allow people to discover as well as share new content on the web based on "a broad spectrum of categories". In order to discover new content the user have to click on "stumble" button and then there is a voting option and also facility to comment on the selections.

In the month of October, the company declared that it has around 20 million active users and records above 1 billion stumbles every month reported Venture Beat.

The very first noticeable thing regarding the update is the new redesigned logo. The user interface of the site also got a new outlook, for example The Stumble bar which is the main navigation tool now will have less number of buttons as compared to earlier version.