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UK Cyber Security to Reach 'Unprecedented Levels' During 2012 Olympic games

If UK Prime Minister's national security advisor Sir Pater Ricketts is to be believed than at the time of Olympic Games, to be held next year, the online defence of Britain will be increased to "unprecedented levels".

Sir Peter Ricketts commented that the Olympic games of 2012 is predicted to be a huge test for cyber security and that the government as well as the security services providers are all set to tackle millions of "cyber security incidents".

Ricketts also added that a special security unit that includes experts from GCHQ will be monitoring the networks during the Olympic Games.

Without giving any other details, the national security advisor said that there were around 12 million "cyber security incidents" during Beijing Olympics, reported The Telegraph.

The most recent cyber security strategy updates involve action "supporting Olympic cyber security by joining up the relevant government departments and conducting exercises to ensure preparations for cyber incidents are robust".

If all goes well and according to plan then definitely after the biggest international games event the UK cyber security will reach an "unprecedented level".